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    Shukaku's first jinchūriki was a Suna priest named Bunpuku, who was locked away in a dungeon with the giant tea kettle, and was kept under constant guard.

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    House Lannister of Casterly Rock is one of the Great Houses of Westeros, one of its richest and...

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    Ushi no Koku Mairi ( Ushi no Koku Mairi) is a Holder-Type Lost Magic, and a type of Black...

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    King Joffrey I Baratheon was the second Baratheon king to sit on the Iron Throne. Though...

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    chapter inumber 24,601 becomes number 9,430 chapter iiin which the reader will peruse two verses, which are of the devils composition, possibly

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    Stats are one of the most important things in the Pokémon games. If you have a Pokémon with great attacks, yet not so good stats, you are destined to lose the ...

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    Harrenhal is built on a gigantic scale; its colossal curtain walls are sheer and high as mountain cliffs while atop the battlements the wood-and-iron scorpions seem ...

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    Magnet Release (, Jiton, Viz: Magnet Style) is a combined nature transformation kekkei genkai...

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    Dec 25, 2016· New Pokemon in Sun and Moon Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon: These are all new Pokemon introduced in Pokemon Sun

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    The Iron Woobie is a character who is not just a Woobie; they are the Woobie. Most Woobies are the victim of external circumstance. That may be how it

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    The Tabletop Games. In the 3.0 adventure The Bastion Of Broken Souls, we have Ashardalon, an incredibly ancient, powerful and wicked red dragon. Already a cruel and ...

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    WAYANG . Wayang is the Indonesia word for puppet and in Indonesia is used to describe theater both with and without puppets but is most often used as shorthand for ...

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